ReCover with Self-regulation
Self-care for trauma-stress -anxiety-insomnia

How does the ReCover Blanket help?

The ReCover Blanket uses gentle pressure or "feedback therapy" to  activate the parasympathetic nervous system, sending signals of safety through the body.

This is akin to being hugged or held and is known alleviate: Anxiety, PTSD/trauma, ADHD, Sleep Disorders, Autism, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder

How does it feel?

Wonderful! The feeling of a weighted blanket is akin to being hugged by a loved one. While it is certainly not the same as a real hug, the gentle feedback that the body receives provides the sense we are not alone. This feeling of connection is paramount to achieving internal safety.

"The best self-care tool!"

What is Self-regulation?

Self Regulation is the experience of harmonising the body’s internal communication system and sending signals of safety through the nervous system. Due to stress, lifestyle and trauma, our bodies often exist in a state of Survival Physiology. Ultimately, there is a feeling of “I am not safe” within the body.

In a healthy system, once the external stressor is removed, the feeling of “I am not safe” passes and the body returns to a regulated state of “I am safe.” When the nervous system is regulated, it sends signals to and from the brain letting the body know it is safe.

Sometimes, our bodies need help to regulate and recognise that there is no threat at play. To support a return to internal safety and self-regulation, we created the ReCover weighted Blanket!

Gentle weight
Our blankets are filled with tiny glass beads that evenly distribute gentle weight over your body while you rest.
Ultra-safe & plush
All our materials are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and stitched into 7 layers of padding to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. The outer layer is high quality cotton and safe for sensitive skin.
Cooling technology
Cool-safe technology is used so that the body does not get too hot while using the blanket and can be used all year round.
Longer length allows you to tuck the blanket under your feet, to enhance the cocoon experience.

“With this blanket, you can help yourself to feel safe.”

How does it work?

The ReCover blanket can be found at Soma Clinic, an integrated health clinic working predominantly with complex health & trauma.

Understanding the needs and preferences of their clients, Natalia Rachel and Dr. Mark Chern had specific frameworks in mind for creating the ReCover blanket

Using natural and breathable material to ensure that the blanket can be used across all seasons, they designed the blanket with trauma-safe parameters in mind, as well as elongating the length of the blanket to allow for a whole-body cocoon experience.

Natalia Rachel started using weighted blankets in her somatic therapy sessions and noticed that they had an immediate effect on regulating her clients’ nervous systems. It seemed that clients would take less time to slip into a state of deep rest. The result was that they felt safe and protected enough to engage with their somatic experience, as well as to share and process their experiences.

Because the clients enjoyed the blanket experience so much, Natalia started ordering them in by request and encouraging other clinic practitioners to utilise them with their clients. After some time, Natalia decided to design the clinic’s own blanket with a focus on somatic regulation and trauma.

“Somatic Regulation is at the core of recovery. I see again and again how the blanket helps the nervous system to settle. The fact that clients can use the  blanket outside the clinic environment is wonderful and empowers a shift towards self-care, which is the ultimate health-care.”   – Natalia Rachel

ReCover with Self-regulation
Self-care for trauma-stress -anxiety-insomnia

Special offer

Blanket Alone: USD $125
Washable Cover Alone: USD $29
Blanket & Cover Retail Set: USD $136 (save 15%)