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Video Consultation: RECOVER Herbal Potions

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This Consultation is meant to help us determine the plan when we are making the RECOVER Herbal Potions for you!

- For Prime Recovery (28 days), it is best if you can book in sometime between 36 to 38 weeks of the pregnancy. 

- For Better Milk (7 days), it will be whenever the schedule allows.

During the Consultation, we will assess your body constitution, its strengths/weaknesses. We want to know the areas we can focus on when it comes to postpartum recovery, body warmth, potential issues and how to best supplement you while keeping you in balance.

We will be checking if there is a need for stronger warming herbs in confinement or if your body is already warm, and if we may be able to supplement you without warming you up too much.

For those who have signed up for Prime Recovery, we also will get a good sense of your body constitution, so that if and when issues arise in during the four trimester (e.g. milk insufficiency, fatigue, mastitis, constipation, anxiety), we already have a sense of how to work around it.

Should there be subsequent consultations during the duration of herbal consumption (whether virtual or in-clinic), there will be no extra costs for that.