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Recover Confinement Soups (28 Days)

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Postpartum confinement is not only for your body to recover from the marathon it has run from conception to birth; it also has far-reaching consequences when it comes to improving your body constitution and resetting your baseline.

During this time, a mother would mix and match different providers to support her in different ways, e.g. hire a confinement nanny, order in confinement food, buy herbs to make soups and teas, etc.

Recover Confinement Soups, by Soma Clinic, is focused on one aspect where we add TREMENDOUS value. Every mother's postpartum journey is so unique and individual. For true optimization, the first 4 weeks of soups that you drink daily SHOULD be personalized and customized to how your body changes during those 28 days.

You don't want 28 days of soups with different names that seem to cover everything from appetite to breast milk to the Spleen and Kidneys. In reality, you require stronger doses of soups made for the unique conditions that present during these 28 days.

We want to intentionally pivot if you turn out to need more breast milk support, or if your body cannot take herbs that are too warming, of if lochia clearance is delayed. Recover Confinement Soups deliver MORE VALUE to you than any generic package you buy ahead of time.

No, you don't need one day of soups for the brain, another day for the Stomach, another day for the Kidneys. As any second-time mum will tell you, you can't really predict what will happen postpartum. And you really want the confinement soups to fit the exact situation that presents. We do that very well.


1. The herbs are customized to your unique body constitution, medical history and whatever shows up during postpartum (which is hard to predict).

2. We pressure-cook and pre-brew the herbs for you so you don't have to do any of that. All you need to do is to pour of the potion, warm it up and drink it down.

You will get a formulation that is suited to your body constitution, medical history and existing situation.

You would already have come in for the initial consultation (discounted for Prime Recovery patients), so we know your body constitution and medical history.

You would also be in touch with us to let us know you are going in for a c-section. Therefore, we would plan and formulate the potions differently.

Of course! The whole point of these potions is that it will supplement whatever confinement foods or teas your nanny prepares for you.

For those patients with nannies, what your nanny makes for you is the baseline, We will provide what else is needed from a herbal point of view, in view of your existing presentation.